Business Interruption Claims

Has your business suffered losses due to COVID-19 which is infamously known as the Coronavirus? We can help you determine if you have insurance coverage to cover those losses, and if so, help you pursue the claim.

Here in Florida, most business owners understand the need to protect themselves against sudden, catastrophic loss. After all, it’s only a matter of time until the next hurricane, fire, or other disaster forces you to close your doors and send the employees home. And unfortunately, COVID-19 is currently affecting business worldwide.

Rebuilding after such a devastating event is extremely expensive, which is why you have insurance in the first place. You count on your insurance policy to cover the extensive costs of physical damage, but what about all the income you missed out on while you were closed?

Does Insurance Cover Business Closure?

It depends on your insurance contract, but yes, Loss of Income insurance is a common type of coverage for businesses of all sizes.

Even if your income is irregular, you rely on a certain amount of business every month. If you are forced to close for a time, how would you pay your landlord, employees, and vendors? This is where Loss of Income, or Business Interruption, insurance steps in.

Filing a Business Interruption claim can (and should) be way for you to prevent the catastrophic expense of having to “eat” those lost profits.

Who Needs Business Interruption Insurance?

No specific industry is especially vulnerable or immune to losing out on income. Even if you work remotely from your in-home office, you never know when disaster will strike and leave you unable to fulfill your obligations.

If you haven’t purchased this coverage already, now is the time to talk to your insurance agent and get it added to your policy.

But, as we’ve found out, having business interruption coverage is no guarantee that you will actually be reimbursed for your lost income. All too often, insurance companies will resort to loopholes and bad faith tactics to prevent having to pay you the amount you’re owed.


A Business Interruption Claim Lawyer Can Help

If you’re wondering whether you have a business interruption claim or you’ve filed a business interruption claim that has yet to be resolved to your satisfaction, a business interruption claim lawyer can step in and help persuade the insurance company to hold up their end of the bargain.

Whether you want to know if you have coverage, haven’t received a timely response on your business interruption insurance claim, or your claim was undervalued or even denied, a claims lawyer can level the playing field so that you don’t have to fight the insurance company on your own. A business interruption lawyer can help properly value the claim, and fight the insurance company for a fair recovery.

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Business Interruption Claim? We Can Help

At Sunshine State Law Firm, we understand how difficult owning a business can be, not just physically, but emotionally.

Your family relies on your business to put a roof over your head and food on the table. If you had the foresight to purchase sufficient insurance coverage, you shouldn’t have to worry about your livelihood being taken away.

At Sunshine State Law Firm, we only represent victims, never insurance companies! If your lost profits insurance claim was undervalued or unfairly denied, call us at (407) 627-1414 to schedule a free consultation.

You don’t have to accept your insurance company’s decision as the last word! In our experience, even claim denials are usually just the start of a negotiation that doesn’t end until YOU are satisfied. Our attorneys have collectively recovered more than $50 million in business interruption claims and we look forward to doing the same for you.

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