Need a Homeowners Insurance Lawyer?

The safety of your home is vitally important as a homeowner, which is why having homeowners insurance is a must.

Securing your home against damage, both natural and accidental, is what the home insurance industry is built on. Unfortunately, residential properties sometimes encounter a wide variety of issues, such as water damage, roofing issues, natural disasters, and more. 

But when the insurance company denies or underpays your claim, it makes a bad situation even worse. 

Having a professional insurance claim lawyer on your side can be the difference between full replacement of your damages or you spending money out of pocket to restore your home. 

Unfortunately, fraud has made insurance companies suspicious of many homeowners insurance claims. As a result, they tend to undervalue or even deny legitimate claims.

But with the homeowners insurance lawyers at Sunshine State Law Firm, you have a way to fight back.


Types of Home Insurance Claim Cases

Living in Central Florida, insurance companies see a lot of roofing claims, but any sudden and accidental damage to your home is typically covered under your insurance policy.

You don’t have to be facing a $10,000 loss to hire an insurance attorney. Many people are surprised to find out that homeowners insurance lawyers can help with small claims as well.

Insurance policies vary greatly between insurance companies as well as homeowners. Just deciphering the legal jargon in your policy can be overwhelming. If you have any questions about your policy coverage, send a copy of your policy to our office and our homeowners insurance lawyers will look into it. 

You pay your insurance premiums specifically to reimburse you in the event of a loss. Don’t settle for less! You deserve to be compensated for the full amount of your claim.

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You Have Rights!

Property insurance disputes are more common than you might think.

Whether the insurance company denies your claim or offers less than the contractor needs to fix it, you don’t have to accept what they tell you. You have options!

If you are ever in an insurance dispute with your insurance company, one of the most effective ways to protect yourself is to hire an experienced homeowners insurance lawyer. Be assured that the insurance company has its own legal team on retainer. You deserve representation, too!

Insurance law is complex, but Sunshine State Law Firm specializes in homeowners insurance claim cases and research. 

When you purchase an insurance policy in good faith, the expectation is that your coverage will be available to you when disaster strikes. When this doesn’t happen, you may have an opportunity for bad faith litigation, and bring the insurance companies to court to honor their part of the agreement. Our homeowners insurance lawyers are ready to bring a lawsuit to help you claim your fair compensation from your claim.


When Do I Need a Homeowners Insurance Lawyer?

Any time you are not satisfied with the result of a claim is the perfect time to call an insurance attorney.

Having your claim was denied—either in writing or over the phone—is the perfect occasion to get in touch with a lawyer. Your insurance policy is designed to reimburse you for damage claims! If you have questions regarding your policy coverage, a homeowners insurance lawyer can look over your policy verbiage and tell you if you have a case.

A lawyer can also step in if your claim was undervalued. If the insurance company offers you only half of what the contractor is charging, we can step in to recover the balance so you can get your home completely back to normal.

Insurance adjusters are rarely licensed contractors. They use algorithms, statistics, and formulas to calculate the value of your loss and they don’t always know what it takes to put a home back together. At Sunshine State Law, our insurance lawyers have hands-on experience in the total time, energy, and costs behind an insurance claim.

How Do I Pay For a Homeowners Insurance Lawyer?

Few people have the funds set aside to pay for a catastrophic loss…let alone the legal fees that often follow. But hiring an attorney shouldn’t be reserved for families at a certain income level.

At Sunshine State Law, our homeowners insurance lawyers work on a contingency fee. This means that we don’t recover any fees unless you do.

“But if you’re taking your fees out of the money I’m recovering, doesn’t that mean less money for me?”

Absolutely not!

Whether your case goes to trial or reaches a settlement, your insurance company will not only pay for your damages, but for any expenses related to your claim, including your attorney’s fees.

And we will never accept a settlement amount unless you are 100% comfortable with the total amount that you will be awarded.


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Your home is where you find safety, comfort, and security. Don’t let bad faith litigation take that away.

If you have any questions about your home insurance claim, schedule a free consultation with Sunshine State Law to see how we can help you recover the amount you’re owed. Our homeowners insurance lawyers have experience defending insurance companies against claims and use what they learned to work tirelessly for you.

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