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Cameron C

Really goes the extra mile

Rebecca Phillips

Simon did such a great job of handling my injury claim. He did an excellent job of keeping me up to speed on everything that was happening. Simon did his absolute best on getting the claim settled, and to get the most out of the claim to help me with my injuries. I would definitely recommend Nicholson Injury Law to those in need. Thank you Simon for all of your help!

Jeff Maillet

Calling Nicholson Injury Law was one of the best phones calls I made after my accident. They were quick and responsive with any questions I had, and was able to get the situation dealt with faster than I could ever imagine. If you want things done right, and not drag on too long, I would recommend calling Nicholson Injury Law.

Angelo Santiago

The Nicholson team was great in answering all questions keeping me informed about the process and staying in touch throughout the case. The team worked with care and diligently on my case. I would highly recommend these great people.


Simon Nicholson Law was and is amazing! He worked so hard for my case and is the nicest person in general. He really cares. I have never met such an amazing lawyer. You email him, he emails back right away. You call or text him, he responds right away. I recommend him highly to anyone who needs an injury lawyer.

Mahmoud Abughweili

My brother and I had a great experience with Nicholson firm , definitely exceeded our expectation . We are very happy with outcome of our case .
If you are looking for a lawyer that goes the extra mile for his clients and explain your rights in detail, definitely recommend Mr. Nicholson Law firm.

Thank you again.

Patsy Pederson

Simon worked very hard on my case. He is diligent, thorough, and an expert in his field. He always keeps you up to date on your case and really cares about how you are feeling.
He takes time to get to know you as a person and not a number. He has gained my trust and respect and I would recommend him to my family and friends.

Brittany Roldan

He worked fast and accomplished more than I expected I highly recommend his service. Many Thanks again for all your hard work!

Michael Doerfler

I was involved in an accident recently, and I was using a large law firm, was getting no where, when I confronted them they agreed, they had no interest in the case, and suggested I find another law firm.

I was already 1 year into the case and found myself back at square one. Then I was introduced to Simon Nicholson, I explained my side of what happened, and I asked him to call the other law firm, and get their opinion of the case. He called me back and said he could help me. Not only did he help me when know one else would even talk with me, but he called the other party and took charge. He was not afraid to make his demands known, and he let the other party know that he was in charge and in control. They settled in 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS. The large law firm walked away from this because they were afraid they could not win. Simon was not afraid of losing, he knew he was going to win from the beginning.

If you are injured, and you are looking for for a fair settlement you can go to the large firms, you can go to the guys that will promise you everything, and years later give you less or you can go with Simon, the guy who will treat you fair, be there, call you back, keep you informed along the way, and get you a settlement larger then you thought you would get.

Justin pettis

I was recently represented by Nicholson Injury Law. It's the best choice I made. Simon is a real bulldog and will fight for his clients to the end. Simon is the greatest, I recommend Nicjolson Inury Law any day over any other injury law firm.

Mark Johns

Definitely recommend them, they'll keep you up to date in all the changes to your case and make sure you understand your options. They were able to dramatically reduce my medical bills and I ended up with around $10k more in my pocket than I was expecting going into it, and were flexible enough to make sure they were helping me even outside of business hours.

Robert Alexander

Simon did an excellent job of keeping us up to date regarding our claim. He was very aggressive in getting us the best settlement possible. He is extremely personable and caring. Highly recommend Simon for personal injury cases!

Paul Phung

I would highly recommend Simon to anyone who is dealing with injuries after an auto accident. He will work vigorously on your case to make sure you get treated fairly. He is quick to respond and will answer all your questions immediately. Unlike most attorneys, I felt comfortable talking to Simon about my issues. I am satisfied with the results of my case and I do not think it could have gone any better.

Lawrence Harby

Simon Nicholson, is a very compassionate, caring, hard working lawyer he represented me with great integrity and was very honest and straight forward something now days that is hard to find we recommend him to anyone. Happy holidays Lawrence and Fayez Harby

Heather Colligan

Thank you Simon for working so closely with me through my case. It was comforting knowing I had someone who truly cared about my health and well being after my accident. You ultimately won my case and didn’t cause any additional stress along the way. I wish you all the best.

Frances Ferrer

I am so glad my doctor referred me to Simon. When he did he told me that I needed a very personal, responsable and amazing lawyer and he was completely right! Simon is awesome, he is very personal, responds mega fast and very responsable. If you need an injury lawyer, look no further! Simon is the perfect lawyer to handle your case. Thank you Simon for everything you did me!

Jhayne S

I was recently represented by Nicholson Injury Law. I have nothing but great things to say about Simon and rest of the staff. My email and phone calls were returned in a timely manner and I was properly informed during the whole process. Thank you.

Sara Goodale

Amazing people to work with! They help you every step of the way and care about your well being. Highly recommend this law firm.

Alexandra Colon


Bob M

Simon and his staff were amazing. Friendly, informative and has your best interest when representing you. Feel confident with Simon and his team for your personal injury case!

Josie & Jasiah Allen

Simon and his team are amazing!! I have never met a lawyer so personable. He got my case settled in a fashionable time. Any questions I had was never dumb to ask, he answered every one of them. I appreciate you Simon!! Thanks a tons for what you did for us. If your looking for a lawyer I highly recommend Nicholson injury law.

Courtney Yates

Simon Nicholson is a first rate lawyer and a man of his word, what he says believe it, I would tell any one who ask to call Simon.

Rebecca Ackerley

I am definitely a true believer that all lawyers are scam artists. Although recently Simon Nicholson proved me 100% wrong. He is extremely personable and very upfront and honest and easy to talk to. He settled my case fast and efficient, all my medical bills were paid and I walked away with some money in my pocket which is always a plus. I would definitely recommend him and if I ever need it I will definitely use his services again.

Nitza Luna

I will highly recommended Mr Nicholson. I was very happy with the outcome of my case. He guided me all the way until the end and answer all my question. I know without a doubt that if for any reason I need him in the future he will be the lawyer that I will call and trusted.

nichole osorio

Very speedy in their work, professional and helpful. I have recommended them to all my friends and family. 100% satisfied

Brian Dubon

I want to give a huge shoutout to Simon and his staff, they were very professional and very attentive to my case. They were very quick to pick up a phone and answer any questions i had and also communicated very well with how my case progressed. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you guys!!

Larry Peck

I was rear-ended in September of 2016 I did not contact Simon Nicholson until July of 2018. While working on my case he kept me apprised of what was going on what my options and what all the possibilities were. He works very hard to get the best possible outcome for me which included a larger settlement and helping to lower some of my bills. I recommend them highly and if I need the help of lawyer again I will certainly use him

Kim B

This summer I was rear ended and was recommended to Nicholson Injury Law. I'd never personally dealt with a lawyer before and had heard so many horror stories I really didn't know what to expect. Not even 15 minutes into dealing with my accident and waiting for the cops to arrive I was already on the phone with Simon who first and foremost made sure I was okay. He explained everything I needed to do at that time and gave me good clear instructions so as not to miss anything. He was able to get me in to see a Doctor on a Saturday to help with the pain I was experiencing.

Throughout the last few months he has been incredibly easy to work with. He answers phone calls and texts almost immediately and on the off chance he can't someone from his staff is there to help. All my appointments were always followed up with a phone call from his office to make sure my experience at the appointment went well from start to finish. He personally called me after each appointment just to touch base and keep me up to date on what he was working on for my case. He always gave me the option to see other specialists and never made me feel bad if I was uncomfortable with certain procedures or suggestion. I will always recommend him to anyone I know who may be going through a personal injury case.

If I were a lawyer I hope to be as caring, compassionate, and professional as Simon Nicholson and his staff. Genuinely some of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of dealing with.

Eric Child

I can’t even begin to come up with words to describe the incredible experience working with the team at Nicholson Injury Law. After dealing with some pretty shady attorneys in the past, Simon and his team came in clutch in seemingly every imaginable way. I never once felt anxious talking to them and they made me feel like they had my back from the very start. I would recommend Simon and his team over ANY of the major commercialized law firms. If you’re looking for someone to represent you and have your best interest at heart, please contact Nicholson Injury Law! I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed!

Simon, thank you for everything you’ve done for me. It means more than you’ll ever know!

Anna J

I would highly recommend Simon Nicholson, he truly did a great job of handling my injury claim. He explained everything I needed to know as I never been in contact with a lawyer before. He is very responsive, thorough and really cares about you as a person. He did his absolute best on getting the claim settled and to get the most out of it while I was focusing on my treatment.

It took some time before I contacted Simon after my accident, as I was very dubious to any lawyer in the beginning. However, Simon gained my trust and respect and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer!

Julissa Damian

Mr. Nicholson was very attentive and responsive while handling my case. He explained thoroughly what he was doing or planning on doing and kept me updated. The staff was very professional and friendly. They’re not "scumbags", would recommend to family and friends.

Meagan Daniel

I got into a car accident summer of 2018. I was very hesitant to hire an attorney as I had the common misconception of personal injury attorneys. My boyfriend's sister-in-law had an amazing experience with Simon and so I decided to meet with him. Looking back, I am insanely thankful I did. Simon is so personable and empathetic. He genuinely cared about me, not about what was in it for him. I truly felt he had my best interest at heart. In such a stressful time, I felt relaxed and like the only thing I needed to focus on was my treatment. Simon's team is so proactive and I truly did not have to worry about anything other than getting better, while they took care of the rest. Nicholson Injury Law has a true family-feel.

If you are hesitant because of the reputation of other attorney's, go with Simon. I promise you will be just as thankful as I am. I even liked this office SO much, that I am now on staff as one of the case managers. I am a caring and compassionate person, and have found Nicholson Injury Law to be a great fit for me. I have been on the client side and now the legal side, both are promising. I never thought I would be thankful for a car accident, but it landed me one of the greatest jobs with some of the kindest, most compassionate people. We are all definitely a family here. All of that to say, hire Simon! You absolutely will not regret it!


I 100% recommend Nicholson Injury Law if you, or someone you know, has been injured in an accident. After getting hit by a drunk driver, Simon was my first call because he genuinely cares for your recovery and works tirelessly to make sure his clients get the best treatment. Karla, a member of his team, has been done a great job at staying in touch with me to see how things are going and to keep me informed on the process. At last, one of the best things about this firm is that it's family ran. They will take care of you like one of their own <3 thank you for all you do!

Corinne Titerence

When I was involved in a car accident awhile back, I sustained some neck injuries that needed to be taken care of and sought out Nicholson Injury Law to represent me. From the start, Simon was great about keeping in touch with me and always showed that he cared about what happened to me. The firm is diligent and thorough with their work, extremely professional, and sincerely care about those that they represent. I would absolutely recommend if you are ever in need.

Myriam Ramos

Simon Nicholson is an incredible lawyer! The very first time I contacted him, he took the time to see me personally at my home to do the paperwork. Thereafter he was most attentive and concerned with my health problems, always willing to answer my concerns and available to discuss any new outcome. He is very professional and knowledgeable! He always kept me updated on what he was working on, made suggestions on what health professionals to see, and reassured me when I had questions.

I would definitely refer him to everyone , he is outstanding!


I was in two car accidents over the past two years. Neither were my fault, but being my first accident I was lost and didn't know what to do. I ended up with a good doctor (luckily), but the law firm I had chosen was Morgan & Morgan. Again, not being versed in how this whole process goes, I believed I was in good hands. My most recent accident occured in 01/19 and I knew a bit more this time around. I hadn't enjoyed my experience with Morgan & Morgan, I maybe spoke to my lawyer once during the several month long process with little updates on my case and felt like a number.

So, I fortunately found Simon and his team. The experience was incomparable - From the first day I spoke with Simon, I could tell he was different. There was no need to reach out for updates, Simon's office did that regularly. Not only that, but Simon personally called me several times throughout the case to give me detailed updates of where my case stood and made sure I was getting the treatment needed to make a full recovery. Both of my cases had hit a hurdle, and unlike Morgan & Morgan who suggested it wasn't worth the effort, Simon did not give up. We spoke on the phone for over a hour on what he was doing to do to, and well, that's what happened.

Simon did exactly what he said he would and the effort him and his team put towards my case was more than I could ask for. Simon will be mine and any of my family and friends go-to for any legal counseling in the future.

Sarah Marotta Geltz

Simon Nicholson is bright, experienced and knowledgeable. Everything you want in a personal injury case. Highly recommend.

Tracey Ethridge

In a word... Integrity. I would feel very comfortable recommending Attorney Nicholson. Smart young man and of outstanding character.

Marycruz Aguiar

Un abogado integro de corazon y profesional en todas las areas de su carrera. I vouch for Simon at any given time and recommend to everyone for your personal injury matters. Honesty - Integrity - Professionalism - and above all, Man of God.

Lori Manresa

Honesty and integrity are the two words that best describe Nicholson Injury Law. They will look out for their clients best interest each and every time! An attorney you want on your side!

Dionnie Wynter Pfunde

I am fortunate to have known Attorney Nicholson for close to 6 years.

He is honest, hardworking and has a strong love for his family. I would trust Attorney Nicholson with any legal matter.

Michael St Louis

Simon is an excellent attorney that has helped where others were not willing. He goes the extra mile. Simon wants the best outcomes for his clients and is willing to work hard to make it happen!

Jordan Ostroff

Simon and his team get awesome results! Often times on cases that other firms turn down! And not only that, but you get treated like a person, not just a number. When I have clients who have a case that needs that personal touch, this is where I send them and so far none of those referrals have had a single complaint.

Jason Paul

I have worked with countless attorneys over the years, and can say without hesitation that Simon is top of the line. I know clients I refer to Simon will be in good hands.

Josie Williams

A reputable personal injury firm that looks out for their client’s best interest

Eric Child

I can’t even begin to come up with words to describe the incredible experience working with the team at Nicholson Injury Law. After dealing with some pretty shady attorneys in the past, Simon and his team came in clutch in seemingly every imaginable way. I never once felt anxious talking to them and they made me feel like they had my back from the very start. I would recommend Simon and his team over ANY of the major commercialized law firms. If you’re looking for someone to represent you and have your best interest at heart, please contact Nicholson Injury Law! I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed!

Simon, thank you for everything you’ve done for me. It means more than you’ll ever know!