Rideshare Accident Claim


If you’ve been in an accident involving a Rideshare company, the process is not much different from a normal accident. The only difference is they are required to carry a significant amount of insurance.


In the case of an accident involving a rideshare company, the process is very much the same as a normal accident except you can be assured that they carry enough insurance to cover your losses. It’s important to have an experienced team behind you while negotiating with the insurance company. It is also very important to make sure there is a proper police report and the accident has been reported to the parent company. 


Rideshare Accidents 

As convenient as Rideshare companies are, accidents still happen. Take as many precautions as possible like always wearing your seatbelt. You never know how long your driver has been on the road, in the middle of a long shift a driver could become distracted or lose focus. The accident could be no fault of theirs either. In any of these scenarios, an experienced attorney should be consulted. 

Why Should You Hire a Rideshare Accident Attorney?

 As in any case, if you’ve been injured, you need the proper representation and experience dealing with an insurance company. Sunshine State Law is here to serve your needs when in a Rideshare accident. There are a number of insurance companies you might have to deal with in the case of a Rideshare incident too. The driver carries their own insurance, the other drivers insurance, and the Rideshare companies insurance and you can be certain they will try to pass the responsibility to cover damages off to whoever they can. 

Taking Action If You’ve Been In A Rideshare Accident

  • First things first, if you’ve been injured, make sure you get the proper medical attention.
  • If you are able to, make sure you document as much of the accident as possible, take pictures and get witnesses name and numbers. The more information you have to protect yourself the more solid your case will be when negotiating with the insurance companies. 
  • If your driver doesn’t want to report the incident to the parent company in fear of being suspended or losing their job, as bad as you might feel for them this does nothing to protect yourself. When it comes to an auto injury you need to consider how much it could affect your life and what it could cost you. Make sure the incident is reported to the parent company, most of the time you can do this through the app. 
  • Remember to take as many photos as possible, take notes so you don’t forget the details, and get any names and numbers of witnesses. 


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