Is it Worth it to Hire a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

     A minor car accident may not seem like a big deal, but it can potentially cause physical, emotional, or financial consequences. A car accident lawyer can help you navigate the process of filing a minor car accident claim with your insurance company. 

     Even if you didn’t experience immense pain after your car accident, it’s important that you seek medical attention immediately. Minor car accidents could cause hidden injuries, like whiplash and concussions, that don’t appear for days or weeks until after the car accident occurs. Pain from these injuries may require long-term treatment and rehabilitation, which will add to your medical costs. Additional expenses may add up after assessing the total damages made to your car after the accident. 

     It is possible the other party involved in the car accident is disputing fault and wants to bring a claim against you. The other party may make the car accident appear worse than it actually was by exaggerating the extent of their injuries and damages. As a result, your insurance company may offer you a low settlement or increase your insurance rates. 

     To protect yourself down the line, it’s important to take photos of the car accident scene, gather any witness information, file a police report, and seek medical attention. Even if it is a minor car accident, it’s crucial to contact the police. Filing a police report can help you when handling an insurance claim. 

     If you’ve suffered any property damage or injuries, consider hiring a car accident attorney. At Sunshine State Law Firm, we offer FREE consultations to make sure you are fairly compensated. 

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