Questions to Ask a Car Accident Witness

     If someone near your car accident saw what happened, it is important to gather witness statements. This can serve as crucial evidence if you decide to file a car accident claim. The following are questions to consider asking when speaking with witnesses after your car accident: 

 What Did You See? 

     Ask witnesses for a description of the car accident they saw. This gives witnesses the opportunity to tell their own version of the story. Make sure they provide as many details as possible.  

How Did the Car Accident Happen? 

     You may want to ask witnesses for their opinion on who they think was at fault. Ask them if they saw the positions and movement of the cars prior to the accident. Ask them how fast the cars were traveling and if the cars accelerated, braked or swerved. 

 Where Were You When the Car Accident Occurred? 

      This question can help you determine if the witness was able to see the car accident from a good angle. Being aware of how close or far away the witness was from the car accident can determine how credible their testimony is. 

Were You With Anyone When the Car Accident Occurred? 

     This can give you leads for additional witnesses who saw your car accident. This may give you the opportunity to compare statements between witnesses and see what details align. 

 Did You See Any Other Witnesses? 

     Asking this question may give you additional witnesses you may not have noticed.  

What Did You Do After the Car Accident? 

      Knowing what the witness did after the car accident, such as calling 911 or rushing to the scene of the car accident, indicates how serious they thought the car accident was.

What is Your Contact Information? 

      Don’t forget to get the witness’ contact information in case you need to speak with them again. It will be helpful to ask the witness to write down a brief statement of what they saw as it may be useful in proving your case.

     Having a reliable witness can be crucial to determining the outcome of your case. In Florida, the statute of limitations for a car accident is 2 years to ensure that witness testimonies are as accurate as possible.  

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